Who Is… The Nagging Spouse


I am… The Nagging Spouse

and this blog is essentially my sneaky way of motivating my husband, Troy, to make some major life changes.

Troy has always loved the idea of getting a six pack (abs not beer) but he has always enjoyed the taste of Bud Light and pizza more. I know, I know. It’s a common predicament.

I’ve always wanted my husband to be healthy, energetic and fit. So I made him a deal: (a sweet deal if you ask me)

If Troy spends the next 90 days busting his butt to get a six pack, I will take him to Superbowl 2017. Not so “naggy” now, huh?

Buuuuut, I had to hedge my bets. I can’t keep him accountable. Obviously. If me keeping him accountable worked, I wouldn’t be naggy and he wouldn’t be overweight) but I think the Internet can! My goal is to turn social media into his own personal set of cheerleaders. Because Troy is snarky and obstinate but he’s also ridiculously competitive. So this should be fun.

Over the next 90 days, he’ll be victim to hunger pangs, sore muscles, grueling workouts, and withdrawals from his beer and potato chip lifestyle. But we will be there, all of us, to keep him going. 

So please, like us, retweet us, share us or repost us. Because this is going to be tough but it may also be a lot of fun and entertaining/inspirational/life changing.
Wish “us” luck! 🙂