It’s Getting Real… Halftime Show and Results Are In!


“Where is that nagging spouse anyway?” said no one, ever.

Well, I’m baaaack. It’s been awhile, yes. Your feed has not been colored with Nagging Spouse rhetoric, photos of the sweaty guy or recounted adventures in weight loss. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

It’s because we’ve been busy birthday celebrating, or better said, we’ve been busy birthday celebrating. Troy only splurges when he’s celebrating, but being a glass-half-full kind of guy, he always has SOMETHING to celebrate. My birthday was as good a reason as any.

I’m not complaining. Troy always does my birthday right, full of spoilage and indulgence, and wine. There’s always lots of that. Except this year, being the calorie conscious nagged spouse that he is, Troy opted for Vodka, ya know, for health reasons. So that went well.

Recent conversation between one of Troy’s friends (who shall remain unnamed) and his mother…

Unnamed Friend: “Troy and I are drinking vodka rather than wine because it is healthier.”

Unnamed Friend’s mother: “And that made sense to you?”

We started my birthday month old skool at Zen 5 in Pacific Beach, where it all began with rolls and reggae. This is where the nagging spouse, by small degrees, converted Troy to a sushi eater. 16 years ago!

We’d trade, one Rocky’s hamburger for one sushi dinner. Troy ordered cucumber/cream cheese rolls and Sapporo and we sake-bombed the night away. Small victories.

From there, we saw how the other half live, or the other 1%. One of Troy’s friends lent us his yacht for the weekend. Not slummin.

Found this on Troy’s phone. Haha! Yeah, that’s about right.

Cocktail as you watch the sunset from a bitchin yacht? Don’t mind if I do. Champagne with breakfast? How’d you know? We nagging spouses aren’t impervious! I might have let go of the reins a little bit. 😕

And, the celebration continued into the following weekend with thai food and a little surprise get together. So after a slight derailment, we were regrouping and doing what you do after returning to reality… we’re panicking.

Halfway. We are HALFWAY through the 90 day challenge! 😬

This is getting real. The whole point of was to bring the pressure. Well, it’s here. And we’re kinda freakin out.

Fitwall’s 6 Week Challenge just ended and today was Before and After day. It couldn’t have come at a better time because I was sensing a halftime slump.

The numbers are in! Despite the occasional too often sand pit of decadence, Troy has made huge progress!

I’ll give you the highlights… Troy scaled off inches in a few spots but most notable 3 1/2 from his waist! He is faster, stronger and has more endurance. I stalked him at the gym again to show you. (These people must think I’m a total creeper.)

These make me laugh-snort. He’s getting pretty quick, huh?


Scale wall for a minute. Pre-challenge… 26 times, post challenge… 37 times


Sumo Drop To Hop. Again for a minute. Pre-challenge 33, Post-challenge 44


Doubled his Inverted Rows (or as I call it… “a laying down pull-up”) from 8 to 16


Pre-challenge pushups….20 max. Post-challenge… 37 max


I’m not his only fan.😍

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