Hello 5:00am. Nice to see you again. Not. – Red 98! Blue 15! Hike!


Soooo… on a positive note, my 6 month old is sleeping through the night. Hallelujah! I get to sleep past 6am, a luxury I never knew was a luxury and that I had apparently gotten¬†too comfortable with. Because The Nagging Spouse doesn’t sleep. Nooooo. She is tireless and dedicated, a granite pillar of support.

As many of you know, Troy is in the Fitwall challenge. His sister, Jody, is in it too, competing as all younger sisters do, with dogged, (and deniedūüėČ) tenacity. As part of the challenge a group met at Lake Poway at 7am to hike to Potato Chip Rock or as Troy called it “The Battle of Wounded Knee”.

Hello 5:00am. Nice to see you again. Not.

Troy has been gearing up for this hike for 2¬†weeks, which I’m both delighted and a little piqued by. I’m delighted by¬†Troy’s¬†excitement to hike and a little peeved by his excitement to hike. I have to cajole, harangue, and pester¬†Troy to hike with me.

His knee injury, sustained while snowboarding years ago, has been the perfect scapegoat excuse for years. It also got him out of wearing a baby Bjorn and running the annual 10k with the older kids.

So, did he bow out when Fitwall posted the hike as a part of the 6 Week Challenge? Nooooo. He took a prescription for inflammation, wore a knee brace and borrowed a hiking pole from my mother-in-law. Yeah, that’s called jumping through hoops.

Yesterday, I woke in the dark to the smell of bacon and eggs and Troy’s enthusiasm. Ugh. A morning person, I am not.

But it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Grunting, gasping, sweaty fun.

And in regard to “The Battle of Wounded Knee,”he’s in the clear. Guess that excuse is not gonna fly anymore. (Watch out husband. The Nagging Spouse is taking notes.)

P.S. What do you do on a cheat day after an 8 mile hike with no knee pain? You celebrate. You drop the babies at your in-laws and take you husband out for a burger and a Patriot game, which they win. Double Score.