Is Troy Going To Super Bowl?


I’m in a bit of a conundrum. The Nagging Spouse Challenge is at its end. (That’s not the conundrum. The Nagging Spouse has no end.) The problem is whether Troy is going to Super Bowl.

So here’s the deal. I will set before you, judge and jury, the results of the Nagging Spouse 90 Day Six Pack Challenge because ultimately, Troy’s prize is in your hands.

I took this yesterday in our kitchen. Not exactly a six-pack…

Troy says, “If you close one eye and squint the other…”

On the one hand, I value justice, integrity, true-to-your-word grit. Sometimes that means I’m not very nice. (Just ask my kids.) I’m not really an A-for-effort kind of person. What kind of challenge would it be if everyone won? This side of me says that Troy is not going to Super Bowl 2017.

But then there’s the other hand, the one that massaged Troy’s tired muscles and filmed him sweating his way through a three-mile run. The hand that served him meal after meal of kale/brussel sprout/spinach surprise (which he ate, without complaint, most of the time). Despite my desire to be fair, I also feel Troy deserves credit for the last grueling 90 days. More than just, “Well, you did your best. Close, but no cigar.” See, I’m not as mean as my kids think I am. And it’s not like he didn’t accomplish anything. He slaved away, made sacrifices (cue sober-holiday sad face) and TRANSFORMED before my very eyes.

So I’m going to do what most people when faced with a difficult decision. I’m going to delegate it. To you.

I’m taking a vote!

The polls are open and Troy’s fate is in your hands. 👊🏻

P.S. If I would have really done my research, I would have known that Super Bowl is stupidly expensive. Yeah, I pretty much screwed the pooch on that one. No new car for me anytime soon.



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