What’s a Mulligan?



For those of you keeping count, you might notice that the Nagging Spouse 90 day challenge should be coming to its end. Surely, you’re on pins and needles for a progress report. 

The official end day should be December 28th. However, I’ve extended the challenge until December 31st, New Year’s Eve, for a couple reasons. 

  1. I like the sound of it better. New year, new Troy. Dawn of a new era. That kind of thing. This is assuming there is a new Troy or new era.
  2. Mulligans, as Troy calls them. Halloween, my birthday(s), parties, Christmas, etc. – unavoidable pitfalls in Troy’s quest for a six pack. As judge, jury and executioner, I have forgiven him 3 days for these pitfalls. Graceful, I know. 😌 What’s a Mulligan, you ask? Here.
  3. He came down with a bug on Christmas Eve. 😷Did that stop him from exercising EVERY day? No ma’am. Did that keep him sick longer? Probably. Moderation… He doesn’t do that.

So stay tuned…

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