Triple Threat To Troy’s 90 Day Challenge


Earlier this month, within the span of a week, we had a triple threat. Christmas party, 50th bday party and annual botanical gardens trip with friends (which sounds like a sober affair… but not when you’re a weasel 😉)

The Troy I know would have been pre-partying in preparation for the fun. 


Buuuuut not the Troy of late. He had his eye on the prize and was wary of backsliding.

“If I work out twice as hard, maybe it won’t be so bad…” he said. This, mind you, was a random rumination at the dinner table. I looked at my husband, mouth agape. Who is this guy?

At one point, the nagging spouse stopped nagging because I couldn’t have pushed Troy harder than he pushed himself. Of course, he’s not so wary of letting loose for New Year’s Eve. 

New Year’s is one of our favorite holidays. It’s one time in the year, that you realign yourself on your course. Review the year and those before, glean what you can, regroup and plot how to do it better. 

We have a tradition of running away to the mountains or desert where we build a cocoon, toast ourselves and our many blessings and then watch the sun rise on the new year and ooze gratitude. No nagging spouses allowed. 

Packing for the little getaway (sans children), I brought 2 bottles of champagne and 4 bottles of wine. He looked at the bag and scrunched up his nose. Was that a judgy look?

A little embarrassed, I said, “I figured we could just bring home the extra.”

“You know that we’re staying two nights, right?” he said in a “duh” tone I didn’t particularly appreciate. Then he shrugged. “I guess we can buy more while we’re out there.”

Aaaaand that’s the Troy we all know and love. 


Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!

What’s a Mulligan?



For those of you keeping count, you might notice that the Nagging Spouse 90 day challenge should be coming to its end. Surely, you’re on pins and needles for a progress report. 

The official end day should be December 28th. However, I’ve extended the challenge until December 31st, New Year’s Eve, for a couple reasons. 

  1. I like the sound of it better. New year, new Troy. Dawn of a new era. That kind of thing. This is assuming there is a new Troy or new era.
  2. Mulligans, as Troy calls them. Halloween, my birthday(s), parties, Christmas, etc. – unavoidable pitfalls in Troy’s quest for a six pack. As judge, jury and executioner, I have forgiven him 3 days for these pitfalls. Graceful, I know. 😌 What’s a Mulligan, you ask? Here.
  3. He came down with a bug on Christmas Eve. 😷Did that stop him from exercising EVERY day? No ma’am. Did that keep him sick longer? Probably. Moderation… He doesn’t do that.

So stay tuned…

The Nagging Spouse Mistress


Well, it appears I’m being cheated on.

Troy’s Mail Order Nagging Mistress showed up a couple weeks ago and I’ll be damned if she isn’t getting him to work even harder ….

showing off his new schwag


It’s one thing to harangue your husband that he needs more cardio and it’s another to have this oh-so-credible device do it. “Sorry honey,” he says. “I gotta go for a walk or I’ll break my standing streak.” (??)

But I’m not complaining! The single biggest thing the nagging mistress is doing is making him move. Because it ALL counts now. 😁 When I posed the “Now, cleaning the garage counts as exercise…” logic, he looked at me, one eyebrow arched, and hit the stationary bike. Oh well. I tried.

Funny thing is, the more he moves throughout the day, the more energy he has. Sometimes, he’s almost jittery with it. It’s one of those counter-intuitive things, like how sleep begets sleep and eating fat burns fat and how more choice means more dissatisfaction. Like that.